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IdeaVillage sells a variety of products in many different categories and at many different price points. Before submitting your idea, please review the following guidelines, policies and procedures.

If you have a specific question that is not clarified below, please email us at:

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Product Requirements and Selection Criteria

  • Submit as much information about your product as possible including drawings, patents and any current or prior marketing of goods.
  • Note that a patent, trademark or cost of goods is not necessary for a product submission, but the more information you provide, the more helpful it will be to our team during the review process.
  • If we select your product, we will contact you to discuss a potential business arrangement. Deals typically work on a royalty of net sales where we oversee and handle all manufacturing, marketing as well as retail distribution for a negotiated period of time. Specifics cannot be determined until our team reviews the opportunity.

Ready to Submit?

We meet weekly to carefully and thoroughly review new items and product submissions. Please note that due to the high volume of inquiries and submissions we are selective in which products are best suited for our business model. If your product is selected, our team will contact you for next steps.

In order to record date of receipt of an idea and its content, we can only accept written submissions through our online form. We are unable to handle product submissions or related questions via phone calls.

If you have specific inquiries regarding your submission, please email us at:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Often Does Idea Village Review Product Submissions?

Idea Village reviews many new products on a daily basis. All online submissions are reviewed during weekly Product Team Meetings. Once you submit an item, it is placed into our review queue to be presented at a future weekly Product Team Meeting.

Q. How Soon Will I Be Contacted if My Product is Selected?

We are constantly evaluating new products and idea submissions. Once you submit an idea, your product is placed into our review phase where it will be evaluated by our Product Team. As there are additional steps that occur beyond these weekly meetings, it may take a few weeks to contact you. If your product is selected, you will receive a follow-up email which could include setting up a phone call or setting up an in-person meeting with our team.

Q. Does Idea Village enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement for product submissions?

No, due to our own development and volume of product submissions , it is not possible for Idea Village to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement for product submissions. Please read our online submission agreement here before submitting your product idea.

Q. How Can I Find Out If My Product Was Selected?

If your product is selected, someone from our Product Team will contact your regarding next steps. You can also reach us at

Q. What Categories of Goods Are Your Looking For?

Idea Village welcomes product submissions in a wide variety of categories but note that the product should solve a consumer problem. Product qualities should be unique, innovative, exclusive, and offer a great value solution to a specific type of problem or concern. Some examples of product categories include (but are not limited to):

  • Health & Beauty
  • Wellness & Personal Care
  • Kitchen / Cookware
  • General Household
  • Pet Products
  • Hardware
  • Toys / Children's Items
  • Unique Clothing / Accessories
Q. Do I need a patent to submit my product?

No, a patent is not necessary to submit your idea. However, your product must be unique and not infringe upon other's work.

Q. Do I need a manufactured product sample?

No, it is not necessary to have a physical sample of your idea, but please include as much information, drawings and specs as possible with your product submission. Idea Village will handle all sourcing and manufacturing if your product is selected.

Q. Is there a cost to submit my idea?

No, Idea Village does not charge submission fees for product ideas.

Q. Can I speak with someone regarding my product idea or to follow-up?

In order to record date of receipt of an idea and its content, we can only accept written submissions through our online form.

Q. Can I submit my product via email, fax, or US mail?

No, all product submissions must be completed electronically through our online submission form.